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Like many of the people I've met, I started modelling when I was under 10. Then along came O-Levels, A-levels, girls, work and sport so I just... stopped. I started model building again in my twenties, then met my wife, got married had our children and... stopped. Another start was made in my thirties but career and worries about paint fumes in the house meant I... stopped. Now I'm in my fifties and there are no more reasons to stop happy hours of building!

The site is not intended as a shop front, it's just a place for me to record my builds, practise my web coding and be able to show other modellers what I've been doing, if they ask.

If you're returning to the hobby or just intrigued then dive in! There is plenty of subject matter to build, paint and research. I'd recommend joining the IPMS and check out your local IPMS group. If nothing else you'll be able to get access to some skilled people who love what they do!

Kits by category...

Aircraft, military and civilian
Armour (tanks, APC's, artillery)
Cars / non-military vehicles
Figures, historic, fantasy, military
Science Fiction / Fanboy
Trains, (new one to me!)